HBW-102 Bridle, Petite, Raised, Fancy Stitch

HBW-102 Bridle, Petite, Raised, Fancy Stitch

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Hadfield Bridleworks

HBW-102 Petite, Raised, Fancy-Stitched Hunter Bridle

Classic style designed with narrower browband and caveson to complement ponies and horses with delicate features. Cheeks 1/2" wide, brow 5/8" wide and caveson 5/8" wide. Sizes Small Pony, Pony and Cob. Matching Reigns are HBW-324 and HBW-323 (pony). Bit and reins sold separately.

Hadfields' Conditioning Oil WARRANTY: We will guarantee the quality and longevity of our Hadfield Bridleworks products ONLY if Hadfield's Conditioning Oil is used in accordance with the care instructions on the hang tag.